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But completely usuable. Their pickguards are definitely worth the money, I got an Esquire parchment guard and the fit was perfect for me. Attached Files: Looked on their site at all the stuff, but wondered why I saw no pictures of the cheese. If you have an issue I've had a few , take pictures and explain clearly what is wrong and send them an email. Once they understand that they are at fault, they immediately send out whatever is needed to correct it.

When they moved their warehouse, they reversed the A audio and B linear descriptions. I had bought about a dozen and after enough emails to explain their error, I got another dozen that were correct. Jack FFR , Mar 2, Stratosaurus , Mar 3, I've bought 2 necks from them - the first was so nice I bought a second one - and shipping was "free" built in. Can't speak to the bodies, but now I've sampled them, I don't think I would buy a neck anywhere else.

Takes about days to get them, worth the wait. Here's the latest neck I bought going on my partscaster since I decided I like more frets. I believe them to be medium jumbo with a 12" radius. Absolutely beautiful finish and color - their picture I looked at last night is a very poor representative, looked dull almost unfinished. Geez thanks now you got me gassing to build a tele and I haven't finished my latest aerodyne yet tomorrow LOL Now I just drilled and put on my 22 fret neck from eyguitar and it went so smooth and easy as to be mind blowing. About zero complications and zero setup needed.

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Picture below is an hour ago with the 21 fret neck still on it. This guitar came out awesome but always tweaking to make it better, hence the 22 frets thing. I with you could put HM necks on them and get 24 frets. I put on the fake sperzels that tnt or guitarpartsonline sell he said exactly the same as the GFS ones then I put 2 strings on it for alignment, clamped it with a big spring loaded yellow plastic C-Clamp and drilled while the wife held it upright for me.

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E , Sep 26, Sep 26, 6. This seem interesting. I wonder if they would fit a Red Dirt body. I can't find the measurements in their Red Dirt site. Sep 27, 7.

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Sep 27, 8. Sep 28, 9. Hi, I flagged this supplier a week or two ago Sep 28, I'm not to sure this site is completely legit. The first sign is that they sell gibson logos Seems the colors and the chrome isn't quite right. Might be worth considering before you spend your hard earned cash TValoy , Sep 28, OK, the order arrived this afternoon.

It was a pleasant surprise not to be charged brokerage fees or duties. The packing job was excellent: The shipper's packing was the best I've ever seen. Quality looks fine for my purposes and I will order from eyguitarmusic. They are in China Intersting in knowing how things work out with the parts.